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Whether you've been a Christian for years or you are just getting to know the Savior, we want you to know the fundamentals we believe in.

The Heart of the Gospel

Luther called John 3:16 “the heart of the Bible—the Gospel in miniature.” It’s so simple a child can understand it; yet it condenses the deep and marvelous truths of redemption into these few pungent words:

  • “God”...The greatest Lover

  • “So loved”...The greatest degree

  • “The world”...The greatest number

  • “That He gave”..The greatest act

  • “His only begotten Son”.The greatest gift

  • “That whosoever”..The greatest invitation

  • “Believeth”...The greatest simplicity

  • “In Him”...The greatest Person

  • “Should not perish”..The greatest deliverance

  • “But”....The greatest difference

  • “Have”....The greatest certainty

  • “Everlasting Life”..The greatest possession

If you have questions or are looking for more evidence for the historical resurrection of Jesus Christ, this video is worth your time.

A breakdown of how the gospel explains our imperfection in comparison with God's love and the steps He took for us.

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